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About school

The Moscow Anthropological School (MASH) is a two-year educational program in contemporary philosophy and interdisciplinary humanities research. Modern man experiences a complex influence on himself and is himself an agent of numerous global processes in which the basic aspects of human existence: birth and death, corporality and health, the concept of freedom, sexuality, ethics of interpersonal and intergroup relations, production and preservation of memory, are transformed under the influence complex interweaving of natural and digital, environmental and economic, cultural and political factors.
About school
The research focus of MASH is to consider the human as a problem in the context of posthumanist theories, modern concepts of ecology, the theory of media and technology, the pragmatics of digital spaces, as well as the study of inhuman and inanimate agents. As part of the training, students will be able to get acquainted with the most relevant areas of modern humanitarian research, with interesting art and research projects. Among the topics and disciplines studied, there will be presented such areas as: STS (Science and Technology Studies), animal studies, memory studies, death studies, current philosophical areas such as: dark studies, dark ecology, speculative realism, new materialism and others.
The IASH educational program will begin its work on September 21, 2020 at the Moscow International University. As part of the training, students will be able to attend three modular courses organized on the basis of three laboratories of the School: "Posthumanistic Research", "Media and Technology" and "Actual Philosophy", in addition to the main courses, there is a weekly research seminar where students can discuss their projects. Independent researchers, artists and curators will also take part in the School. School participants will have access not only to scientific but also to artistic research. The form of study is evening, four times a week. Participation in a research seminar in at least one of the areas is mandatory. As a reporting form, students are invited to perform theoretical work and

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