Admission and education
Recruitment Opened 2021

To enter the Moscow School of Arts and Sciences, MMU, you must fill out an application and pass the entrance tests.

Fill out a questionnaire

The final stage of the entrance examinations is an interview (the date and time are reported individually).

Applicants who successfully passed the competition conclude an agreement and submit the following documents to the admissions committee: a copy of the passport, a copy of the diploma of education (if any).

Assignments and materials must be sent to the address:

Personal consultations are held on weekdays from 11:00 to 18:00
For an appointment, contact us by phone +7 (903) 267-42-14

Entrance tests in directions

Moscow anthropological school
  1. Scientific research. A text of up to 5 thousand characters, containing a statement of the problem, a review of the literature on this problem, a research hypothesis, research methods, on what material it is carried out, a list of references.
  2. A text of up to 2 pages, which substantively represents the project: the concept and problems of the project, the method and technical conditions for implementation. You can send the visual part of the project in PDF format. The advantage will be attaching a link to the showreel, portfolio, website and CV of the applicant.
Moscow School of New Literature

Laboratory [Transliteration]: motivation letter on the topic: "Why do I hate poetry?"

Laboratory of Drama and Theater Practices: the play "Why Do I Hate Theater?" (in two acts). Volume: no more than 15 min.

Laboratory of Experimental Literary Studies: a motivation letter on a free topic.

(All tasks from 1000 to 3000 characters with spaces).

School of paper architecture by Alexander Brodsky

It is necessary to send a portfolio and CV.

Laboratory "On Music and Space" by Alexandra Elina

Field Audio Work: Submit a musical performance project related to architecture or other space.

Laboratory "Modern forms of storytelling" Kirill Preobrazhensky and Dmitry Venkov


  • a series of photographs or digital images (computer graphics, video frames, screenshots, collages);
  • a project to choose from (internet project, video film, interactive project, audio project) or media project ideas with sketches and descriptions;
  • optional - painting, graphics and other creative work.

If desired, applicants can attach letters of recommendation.

Laboratory of psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation of Mikhail Strakhov

Write a letter of motivation in which you are asked to answer the question: "What are you interested in psychoanalysis, and why do you want to study it?"